Bespoke Wardrobes: A History

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bespoke wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobes have been making a comeback recently. That’s right, comeback. The wardrobe style has been around since the 17th Century, although reserved for the very richest, and it is now available for everyone at a very affordable price.

The word wardrobe comes from the 14th century, Old North French word ‘garderobe’. ‘Garder’ meaning warder, to keep guard, and robe being another word for clothes or garments. Thus, the word wardrobe literally means something that protects one’s clothes. It is thought that the first wardrobe was just like a modern-day walk-in closet: a whole room dedicated to storing clothes with a form of bespoke wardrobes and drawers. The wardrobe was strictly reserved for the nobles, as the lower classes would not have the space or amount of clothing necessary to warrant having an entire room dedicated to keeping clothes.

The earliest recorded freestanding wardrobe in the United States dates to the early 17th century. Wardrobes in Britain at this time had two distinct sections, one for hanging garments and the other for laying them flat more commonly known as where you hang your clothes and the drawers. Wealthier households would adorn their wardrobes with elaborate designs and beautiful carvings. Wardrobes were used to make a statement; they were pieces of art and were frequently the most impressive feature in a room. But, there were those nobles who did not want to emphasise their wardrobes. They built decorative paneling and stored their clothes behind it. Thus, the first bespoke wardrobes, of sorts, were built.

By the 1800s, countries were richer in general. As such, people had more wealth and therefore more clothes. Fashion was becoming less and less divided by class and in turn, regardless of class, people had a lot more clothing. Thus, the wardrobe became a staple for bedrooms everywhere. The mirrored door made its first appearance, but the fitted wardrobe had all but disappeared in most houses.

That was until now.

The bespoke wardrobe has made a dramatic comeback. More people than ever before are spending money to design their own perfect, fitted wardrobe. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can choose the wood you want, the thickness of said wood, the colours and the handles or lights making the product much more desirable to consumers who want. This is a way to put your mark on your wardrobe. To think that bespoke wardrobes have been around since the 17th century but have only recently become the done thing again!

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Buy a Fitted Wardrobe

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When viewing a range of fitted wardrobe it is important to know the difference between the different wardrobes features and specifications. Some wardrobes may not be the appropriate design for the room and space you wish the wardrobe to go in as each style and design has different measurements.

It is essential to know the size of the space you would like the fitted wardrobe to be in so that the right fitted wardrobe can be chosen for your room. Most companies like hush bedrooms will be able to fit and tailor the fitted wardrobe of your choice to your specific measurements; ensuring a quality finish and flawless fit in your bedroom.

1 panel fitted wardrobeFitted Wardrobe Range

1 Panel Sliding Fitted Wardrobe:

Simple yet stylish design, with a varied range of colours and finishes to meet your design preferences. Incorporating a soft close action eliminating potential damage from slamming doors with a sleek wall to wall look.

3 Panel Sliding Fitted Wardrobe:

Bigger and bolder, the elegant 3 panel sliding fitted wardrobe includes 3 sections for additional storage space. Compared to the 1 panel fitted wardrobe this option allows you a lot more options and finish variations on each of the 3 panels to bring colour and style to your bedroom.  

Moda Sliding Wardrobe:

The pinnacle of sliding and fitted wardrobe collection is the gracious, stunning Moda range. This is designed to be more that just a fitted wardrobe; if smart shelving, racks and multiple drawer isn’t enough you have the added option for a glamorous en-suite or dressing room.

Hush 2

Benefits of a Fitted Wardrobe:

  • Bespoke fitted wardrobe tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Efficient and economical use of space fitting seamlessly wall to wall
  • Customisation tailored for you – Choose between different finishes, doors, mirrors and lights to personalise your own unique fitted wardrobe to either standout or blend elegantly with the room
  • Easily cleaned, due to the fitted wardrobe eliminating gaps above and below unlike a standard free standing wardrobe



finding an aerial installation company

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Aerial Installation techniques  Aerial Installation Birmingham

Aerial installation requires the skills and expertise of a certified aerial installer. To get your aerial properly installed, you need the services for an installer who has been certified. Many people think aerial installation is a matter of watching few instructional videos on YouTube and you are good to go. It might surprise you to know that aerial installation is a skill and doing it yourself (DIY) might not be as good as hiring a professional.

Why hire a certified aerial installer?

Keep you safe

Hiring a professional will keep you safe from accidents that are likely to occur when trying to install the aerial by yourself. If you live in a big city, you will understand that some buildings are very tall and you might require going up to access the building. To such a building, you need someone who is experienced and has the right tools to mount the aerial on top of the building. A certified installer will protect you from the risk that comes with installing an aerial on a tall building without the needed tools.

Quality signal

In crowded cities or remote areas, it becomes difficult trying to get a good signal. To get a quality signal, you might need a certified installer to help you trace the direction of the signal. The professionals have the right tools needed to determine the direction of the signal, and you will get quality signals on your television.

Cost efficient

Hiring a certified installer will save you the cost incurred in buying installation materials and tools. They installers already have the tools, and they buy the materials as the wires in bulk, and this saves the overall cost incurred in the aerial installation process.


Aerial installation by a professional is very durable, and it is a long term project. Once you install your aerial, it will serve you for a long time until the time that you need to move to a new house. The aerial installers use quality material that is durable.