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Polyurethane Tooling Board

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Polyurethane tooling board or model board are machinable boards supplied in various densities, cut and shaped by hand, or CNC machining in the case of higher densities. The finishes produce dimensionally accurate patterns of composite materials, particularly useful for the automotive and foundry industries.

The Features of Polyurethane Tooling Board

There is a wide range of densities available for tooling boards. Typically, the price is closely correlated with the density with the higher costing more – so you want to use the lightest material you can and still get good results. Polyurethane is usually cheaper when comparing to Epoxy tooling board due to it not being able to withstand high temperatures.

Polyurethane tooling board is frequently used in industries such as automotive, industrial, foundry and film production but work well wherever any prototype or modelling work is required. They are supplied by companies in varying thicknesses and density depending on your requirements and the desired end-use.

Polyurethane tooling boards are mainly used in lower temperature applications. If a higher temperature is being used to mould the material, Epoxy tooling board is recommended instead.

Benefits of using Polyurethane Tooling Board include it being a stable and easy to mould material, producing an accurate surface finish. They are lightweight and versatile, commonly styled via CNC machining or in some cases by hand. They are so popular today because they do exactly what is required of them in engineering terms, making the perfect pairing whatever moulding operations are required.

Polyurethane Tooling Board



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